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The Omnichannel Digital Marketing Conference of 2016

AdExchanger’s Omni.Digital conference was designed to educate marketers on advanced solutions for building seamless cross-channel brand experiences. More than 400 multichannel marketing professionals came together on September 7 & 8, 2016 in Chicago for this in-depth journey into the trends and best practices that are shaping a new omnichannel world.
Omni.Digital is now complete.



Joseph Beier

Executive VP Shopper & Retail Strategy

GfK Consumer Experiences North America

Keith Bryan

VP, Media & Media Network

Best Buy

Chance Chapman

VP, Digital & Media

Saatchi & Saatchi X

Oliver Chen

Managing Director & Senior Equity Research Analyst

Cowen and Company

Dan Creekmore

Director North America, Atlas


John Ebbert

Publisher & CEO


Dave Etherington

Chief Strategy Officer


Mike Finnegan

VP Programmatic & Product Innovation

Live Nation Entertainment

Julie Fleischer

Managing Director


Mary Hennen

VP, Marketing & eCommerce

The Tile Shop

Keith Hogie

Chief Information Officer

The Tile Shop

Peter Horst

SVP, Chief Marketing Officer

The Hershey Company

Kirthi Kalyanam

J.C. Penney Research Professor, Leavey School of Business

Santa Clara University

Jessica Lauria

Senior Director of Brand Communications


Arnie Leap



Charlene Li

Principal Analyst

Altimeter, a Prophet Company

Adam Markey

Senior Director, TV Solutions


Steve Mello

VP, IBM Selling & Merchandising


Amy Mitchell

General Manager and Head

Convertro at Aol Platforms

Jonathan Opdyke

CEO & Co-Founder

HookLogic, Inc.

Zachary Paradis

VP, Customer Experience Strategy


Melissa Parrish

VP, Principal Analyst


Paul Pellman


Google Attribution 360

Ram Rampalli

Global Head of Content Acquisition

Walmart eCommerce

Tom Riordan

Director of Special Operations


Paul P. Robinson

Director, Brand Activation

Association of National Advertisers (ANA)

Zach Rodgers

Executive Editor


Allison Schiff

Senior Editor


Eric Schmitt

TV and Digital Ad Tech Leader


Saurabh Sharma

Director, Worldwide Advertising Platforms


Cory Treffiletti

VP, Marketing

Oracle Data Cloud

Jens Welin

EVP/Managing Director

Starcom USA

Steven Wolfe-Pereira




Omni.Digital Conference Agenda

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Omni.Digital Essentials Workshop Sessions

Each of our 45-minute workshops is designed to provide actionable insights on how effective cross-channel communications are being facilitated today. Includes audience Q&A. Wednesday’s workshops begin promptly at 1 p.m.


Hosted by Brightroll

The ID Evolution: Identifying & Recognizing Your Customer

Cross-device and identity are two words popping up all over the industry and strategic marketers are paying attention, but how much do we truly understand about cross-device data? Understanding how to properly use this data can give marketers a more complete picture of a consumer as they make their way through today’s non-linear customer journey, so it becomes a hot button for many modern marketers. How does it truly help marketers deliver more relevant, unified messaging to actual consumers across channels? What are the trade-offs on the kinds of data available and what are the guidelines for how brands make use of the data? Hear from the Oracle Data Cloud as they explain the landscape and clarify some of what a marketer should consider when evaluating the right solutions.

Cory Treffiletti, VP Marketing, Oracle Data Cloud

The Essentials Of Next Gen Customer Experience Strategy

A seamless customer experience remains the holy grail for many organizations. Approaches like design thinking, customer journey mapping, and experience design all help bring us closer to understanding the customer and building a unique, relevant experience for them. But at the same time, it’s getting more complex – programmatic marketing sets the expectation of 1:1 behaviorally-targeted marketing while the ever- changing digital landscape makes executional agility an imperative to success. This workshop will examine what it takes to have a holistic, robust strategy that delivers real-time, relevant customer experiences.

Charlene Li, Principal Analyst, Altimeter, a Prophet Company

Networking Break

Advanced TV: Ready For Omnichannel Integration

Market adoption of data-driven, advanced TV advertising is scaling fast.  Better yet, standard audience segments and measurement can now be activated across TV, digital and direct channels.  This session will cover addressable TV, data-driven linear, and digital + TV across targeting, planning and measurement.  Practical recommendations and best practices based on real-world case studies will be shared.

Eric Schmitt, TV and Digital Ad Tech Leader, Acxiom

The Evolution And Growth Of Shopper Marketing In The Digital Age

Shopper marketing, long considered a discipline limited to in-store, point-of-purchase, and end-of-aisle promotions, continues to undergo a metamorphosis with the advent of digital marketing, evolving into an omnichannel approach designed to reach shoppers at all touchpoints.

In fact, according to a recent forecast of brand activation marketing conducted by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in collaboration with and licensed from PQ Media, between now and 2020, investment in shopper marketing is expected to increase 5.8 percent to $18.6 billion, outperforming the growth of total brand marketing spending.

This presentation will cover key findings of new research from the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and market research firm GfK on where Shopper Marketing is today, where it is going and its role within an OmniChannel world.

Paul P. Robinson, Director, Brand Activation, Association of National Advertisers (ANA)

Joseph Beier, Executive VP, Shopper & Retail Strategy, GfK Consumer Experiences North America

People, Places And Things: Connecting Brands In A Data-Driven World

As the universe of potential touchpoints with today’s consumer expands, the marketer must consider each channel and the omnichannel when reaching a consumer. Neustar’s CMO Steven Wolfe Pereira hosts a fireside chat with former Kraft exec and current OMD Managing Director Julie Fleischer to discuss insights on slicing and dicing the data in the omnichannel conversation as well as best practices of today’s top CPG and retail marketers.

Steven Wolfe Pereira, CMO, Neustar

Julie Fleischer, Managing Director, OMD

Workshops End

Welcome Party

Join us for refreshments and hors d’oeuvres at the event venue. Meet fellow attendees and Omni.Digital speakers.

Hosted by Tapad

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday’s single-track conference features case studies, presentations and discussions on how omnichannel marketing is being ignited by Digital today. Thursday’s program begins promptly at 9 a.m.

Breakfast and Networking


John Ebbert, Publisher & CEO, AdExchanger

Welcome To The Post-Digital World

We’ve entered a new world order where entitled customers integrate digital fluidly into physical experiences and marketing practices haven’t kept up. The fix is a new marketing worldview in which the digital distinction dissolves and marketers think of their customers as people first.  In this session, you’ll learn the three rules for embracing post-digital marketing and learn how to start serving your savvy customers right away.

Melissa Parrish, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

The CMO Journey Into Omnichannel

Setting the tone for the day, The Hershey Company CMO Peter Horst will provide a detailed view of how Hershey’s has improved the customer journey across digital touch-points – including video, mobile, display, native, search and/or OTT. His presentation will highlight the brand’s use of first and third party data to delivery timely messaging from consideration through to conversion, as well as how it measured the effectiveness of it’s efforts in each channel.

Peter Horst, SVP & CMO, The Hershey Company

Smarter, Not Harder: Cross-Screen Buying With Tech & Automation

Dramatic changes in ad-supported content consumption have created a fragmented world for the media buyer, particularly when working with advertisers that have built their brands using television. Tom Riordan, Director of Special Operations at TubeMogul, will walk through data points demonstrating how this challenging trend can be navigated using a blend of software and a return to the core elements of media planning.

Tom Riordan, Director of Special Operations, TubeMogul, Inc.

Digitizing The Customer Experience

The Internet of Things promises to greatly increase the retail and CPG marketer’s opportunity to engage and measure his or her customer while in store. This panel will discuss the early hype around beacons and location data, and how it compares to the current reality.

Chance Chapman, VP, Digital & Media, Saatchi & Saatchi X

Dave Etherington, Chief Strategy Officer, Intersection

Mike Finnegan, VP Programmatic & Product Innovation, Live Nation Entertainment

Zachary ParadisVP, Customer Experience Strategy, SapientNitro

Allison Schiff, Senior Editor, AdExchanger – Moderator

Morning Break

Wall Street On Omnichannel Marketing Today

One of Wall Street’s leading voices tracking the omnichannel opportunity in retail today, Cowen analyst Oliver Chen shares his insights on the recent performance of leaders in omnichannel retailing and the important trends.

Oliver Chen, Managing Director & Senior Equity Research Analyst, Cowen and Company

Is Your MMM Leading You On? What Your Marketing Analytics Model Isn’t Telling You

In a perfect world, all data would be available at a user level. Too bad MMM doesn’t work for that…and MTA doesn’t either. Getting the data and the Marketing Mixed Modeling right can mean the difference between an investment that falls flat vs. one that yields wildly successful results. Amy Mitchell, Head of Convertro, shares how Unified Marketing Analytics brings together the best of MMM and MTA under a single platform to give marketers the right actionable data.

Amy Mitchell, General Manager, Head of Convertro at Aol Platforms

Case Study: Leveraging The Digital Core For Best Buy

Best Buy and its agency of record, Starcom USA, recently embarked on an omnichannel marketing campaign for the retailer with digital at its core. They’ll take a deep dive with the audience on the results, the challenges and the opportunity ahead.

Keith Bryan, VP, Media & Media Network, Best Buy

Jens Welin, EVP/Managing Director, Starcom USA


Join with your fellow attendees and discuss the day’s insights over lunch.

Hosted by Nucleus Marketing Solutions

Delivering Exceptional Product Content With Walmart

Retailers, grocers and distributors are working closely with their vendors to provide the accurate and consistent product information that today’s digital consumers demand. Ram Rampalli, head of content acquisition at Walmart, will discuss the state of product content at Walmart, and describe how they’re partnering with vendors to satisfy consumers’ insatiable appetite for product details.

Ram Rampalli, Global Head of Content Acquisition, Walmart eCommerce

Commerce In Bloom: Creating The Single View Of The Customer

1-800-FLOWERS.COM and IBM will present on the use of cloud technology to create a single view of data and applications from across its supply chain, and to provide customers a unified omnichannel experience across the web, mobile and call center channel.

Arnie Leap, Chief Information Officer, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM

Steve Mello, VP, IBM Selling & Merchandising, IBM

Cross-Device Is The Future Of TV

“TV is Dead.” Headlines have been filled with claims that TV is on the fast-track to a depressing demise. Programmatic TV connects the benefits of sight, sound and motion with big data to combine the best of the TV and digital worlds. Tore Tellefsen, VP of TV Solutions at DataXu will discuss how marketers are riding the wave of data-driven TV to reach TV watchers across their devices.

Adam Markey, Senior Director, TV Solutions, DataXu

Chobani Ignites Consumer Connections

Relationships between brands and consumers are omnichannel and always on. Chobani talks about how they connect and engage with consumers to drive loyalty and purchase through digital channels.

Jessica Lauria, Senior Director of Brand Communications, Chobani

Afternoon Break

Investigating The Effects Of Retargeted Advertising

Retargeting a consumer in one channel, let alone across all channels, is fraught with nuance and potential misinformation. Mr. Kalyanam looks at the causal effects of retargeted advertising and will share specific insights about its effects on consumer behavior from a recent, randomized field experiment.

Kirthi Kalyanam, Ph.D., J.C. Penney Research Professor, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

The All-Channel Attribution Chasm

Analytics is helping to bridge the online-offline divide and these leading companies sit at the center of discovering trends and insights for the marketer. Among many goals, proper attribution of marketing spend success across all channels remains a critical need and challenge. These industry leaders come together to discuss what they’re seeing as well as the gaps that remain.

Saurabh Sharma, Director Amazon Ad Platform,

Paul Pellman, Director, Google Attribution 360

Dan Creekmore, Director/Head of North America, Atlas at Facebook

Jonathan Opdyke, CEO & Co-Founder, HookLogic, Inc.

Zach Rodgers, Executive Editor, AdExchanger – Moderator

From The Tile Shop: Merging B2B And B2C Omnichannel Marketing

The Tile Shop is designing personalized, omnichannel experiences that are at the nexus of consumers, home design professionals and it’s sales associates. In this presentation, CIO Keith Hogie and VP of Marketing and eCommerce Mary Hennen will describe how this modern brand leveraged customer insights to transform everything from store location and in-store experience to content strategy and its media mix.

Mary Hennen, VP, Marketing & eCommerce, The Tile Shop

Keith Hogie, Chief Information Officer, The Tile Shop

Happy Hour

Hosted by Tapad

Including CMOs, retail and agency executives, research analysts and industry innovators

Marketing executives from top brands, agencies, retailers, publishers, media & advertising technology companies

Featuring brand case studies, analyst presentations, panel discussions & four in-depth omnichannel workshops

Learn from omnichannel leaders, connect with your peers and industry partners, and boost your marketing technology chops




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